Leon County's Only Year-Round School Holds Orientation

Belle Vue Middle is the county's only year-round school, and Thursday students reported for orientation.

Students say the schedule is refreshing. Parents say it keeps kids interested.

Meeting teachers, wandering the winding walls and setting up schedules are all signs that it's orientation time.

Julius Harley, who brought his nephew to orientation, says," Scary feeling for me because I didn't come to orientation and that's why I feel he needed to come."

But Belle Vue Middle School isn't your average academic academy. Instead of the traditional nine months on with three months off in the summer, students report to class year-round.

Jakarlton Bellamy, a 7th grader at Belle Vue Middle School, says, "Every nine weeks get three weeks out, that is great for me because every once in a while I need a break from school."

Parents agree the setup suits students who need extra attention, but there are downfalls to the divided terms, especially with kids in other schools on separate schedules, yet parents say the pros outweigh the cons.

Stacy Miller says, "Parents get a change to plan vacations around that. I wish all schools would go to year-round."

For now that wish is just a wish as Belle Vue is the only school in Leon County with the unique setup. Belle Vue Middle School serves nearly 600 6th, 7th and 8th graders. All of their programs are year-round.

It's important to note that Belle Vue Middle School students attend the same number of school days as the rest of the county, the breaks are just set up differently.