Tallahasseeans Weigh in on "Anchorman" Movie

Friday night the movie "Anchorman" hit theaters across the nation, and moviegoers say they saw a few similarities to some of our TV personalities.

In the movie, actor Will Ferrell plays a fictitious 1970's anchor named Ron Burgundy who is considered a "legend" in his own mind.

Surprisingly, Burdundy's fictional bio says that he once anchored with the CBS station in
Tallahassee, Florida.

Thursday night we caught up with a few moviegoers who say Burgundy reminds them of Gary Bartlett.

Martha Prescott, a moviegoer, says, "Gary is not off the wall like that guy is and his hair is a little bit like that maybe, but Gary is a really nice guy and I don't think is like this fellow at all."

Hutson Messer, also a moviegoer, says, "He's got Gary pegged, man, he's got Gary pegged if I've ever seen it. Unbelievable."

So what do you think at home, any resemblance?