Domestic Violence Class

Domestic violence is often a silent crime causing pain and suffering all because victims are afraid to come forward. That's why victim advocates are holding classes in Valdosta to get more people to understand the dangers of domestic violence.

Jacquie Green, a professional counselor, said, "Getting the word out about what exactly domestic violence is is most important. There's not as much awareness as we'd like to have regarding this problem. For example, research shows that young men who are affected by domestic violence become offenders and female victims, the daughters, often become the victims."

Valdosta's District Attorney J. David Miller said, "When women are victims of homicide, three-fourths of the time they are going to have been killed by a husband, an ex-husband, a boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend, and so we feel like domestic violence education and prevention is effective murder prevention."

Organizers say they hope this class can provide enough information to help protect at least one potential victim from suffering unnecessary violence in the home.

Betty Duermeier, a victim advocate, said, "The more info and education the community has, the better they can understand that there are places available that can assist anyone that is suffering domestic violence."

Experts say this assistance could help save lives and protect children.