Patrol for Safety

It was a shooting that might cause others to shy away from the public, but one couple is turning it into a reason to help others. They may seem like the average Tallahassee couple, but on the inside they hold a story of crime.

Five bullets, maybe six, pierced through Katrina Brown-Frame's body; one remains three inches away from her heart.

Katrina recalls, "A guy came from around the corner. All I can remember is seeing a big silver gun and I was shot."

Katrina lay on the sidewalk for awhile and then tried to get up and get away. Her two-year-old watched it all happen. That was 13 years ago, and the couple makes sure to remind everyone that crime knows no boundaries.

At the Tallahassee Mall they send the message out with the help of dozens of others.

Kenneth Frame, a security manager, said, "Well, I hope people will gather from Safety Day how to protect themselves whether it be in a home invasion or at the malls."

Every day since the attack Katrina has found she still fights for life. Surgeons are still unable to remove the bullet near her heart, and the bullet is a constant threat, but today she's not thinking about that, she's at the business of helping others.

Katrina's two-year-old helped identify her attacker who remains behind bars. Katrina says every time he's up for parole she goes to court to keep him there.