Summer Camp Exercise

More local kids are staying healthy this summer thanks to a major exercise summer camp program. The city of Valdosta's summer day camp program is putting more of an emphasis on exercise to help combat the growing problem of obesity.

The kids are enjoying the added exercise, the sounds of summer; kids outdoors playing and at the same time exercising more than before, thanks to the Valdosta Parks and Recreation's added emphasis on physical activity.

Brockey Brock, director of Valdosta Recreation, says, “What our goal is is to get them off the couch. There's nothing wrong with playing computers and games and watching TV as long as it’s in proportion with what they're doing in physical activity. They do need mental activity, but the physical activity is so important because of the obesity problem."

At dozens of day camps around the Valdosta area, more kids are running, throwing and hanging out, getting a great workout everyday. These kids say despite the heat, these camps are extremely fun.

Patrick McMullan, a 14-year-old, says, “At school you sit at a desk all day and work. Here you have fun all day, run around playing, talking and everything. We do P.E. We have free time at the jungle gym, we have basketball, sometime we do drama."

"It’s like better here because you don't just waste your brain cells watching TV and playing games. I just like to be outside and do stuff," adds 10-year-old Jay Orr.

In addition to being great fun for the kids, these camps are also very convenient for the parents as well. Exercise supporters say the summer programs are a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done for these kids when they are attending school.