Felon Voting

The hotly contested list would have kept felons from casting a ballot. Word came out yesterday that a racial disparity on the list would keep it from being fairly applied to all felons. Leon County supervisor of elections Ion Sancho comments about the felon voter purge list, "to drop somthing onthe supervisors of elections within ninety days of election is just an impossible and insane proposition." Across the state dozens of supervisors were faced with the tough task of applying the stat's voter purge list to their own roles. An application which gave them much reservation. Sancho said, "in the 2000 elections thousands of individuals who were legal voters inthe state of Florida lost their right to vote because of a flawed list put out by the division of elections." This years list was, by the state's own admission, flawed. A close investigation of the list shows a disparity between the races. Thousands of hispanic felons were not included on the list, givig them a chance to vote in the upcoming presidential election. It's a chance that the same black and white felons would not have gotten. That investigation was enough to show the state elections division that the list should be dropped. Now, just a few weeks away from early voting, Sancho is breathing a little easier and hoping this presidential election goes better than last. Ion Sancho tells us felon voters may still be purged as they have in the past, with county officials checking names against courthouse records.