Clay Shooting

The group is taking a shot at a clean sweep in a national competition.

Geoffrey Lawrence comments on the sport, "It's not easy at all. You got to have your feet positioned right. You got to be set up in the right position for the skeet coming; you have to know where you want to bust it at."

The Grady Clay Dusters are used to spending long hours polishing their skills, but the shooters have been putting their all into practice lately. They are getting ready for Nationals, what they call the world series of skeet shooting.

Terrance Collins says, "It's what you work all year for and it's the final thing. If you win there you are the best of the best."

But their target is set on more than just a first place trophy. They also have a shot at scholarship opportunities if they place first, second or third and a chance to break into the big league.

Lawrence also said, "We have a chance of being recognized by an Olympic coach and joining an Olympic team."

Rodney Harrison comments on the event, "They love this. Every one of them are out here two to three times a week. We've been here since the middle of March practicing for the competition."

The National Competition is next weekend in San Antonio, Texas. The group is asking for donations from the community to help with entry fees for the team members. For more information call 229-377-1312.