Permanent Makeup Warnings

The option of permanent makeup has eliminated a lot of early morning hassle for many women, but now the FDA has issued a warning of possible disfigurement from some ink used in this procedure.

Many women are attracted to the convenience permanent makeup offers. Women consider the procedure for many different reasons.

Francis Matia says, "So that I wouldn't have to put on makeup in the morning. I wanted to get eyeliner just because its easier so I could just wakeup and go out and look some what normal."

But the FDA is warning women of possible disfigurements and scarring from injecting permanent ink as eyeliner, lip liner or eyebrow coloring. The FDA says only specific shades of the Premier permanent ink makeup may cause these adverse effects.

Owners at Firehouse Tattoos say they're glad to have learned of this before a potential mistake may have happened.

Steve Bachman, a permanent makeup artist, says, "We actually picked out the color and everything and I was going to order it for her, but then I found out about the problems with the ink. She's already one of my customers and I didn't want to lose a customer because of someone's messed up ink."

Bachman has performed the lip liner procedure about a dozen times and has not had any problems with clients who now have permanent makeup.

According to an agency statement, the FDA is currently investigating more than 50 claims against the Premier pigment brand of permanent makeup inks.