Utilities Rates Controversy

The high cost of Tallahassee city utility rates has caused quite a stir in recent months. Now, one county commissioner is looking to registered voters to help make a difference.

During a meeting on May 17, the Board of County Commissioners presented Tallahassee Mayor John Marks with a list of preliminary questions concerning the high cost of City of Tallahassee utilities.

These questions prompted Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor to petition for a citizen utility board amendment. Getting the citizens involved is the basis for the petition, but the communications director for the City of Tallahassee says there's no need for a citizens-only board.

Commissioner Proctor says that simply isn't enough. Local residents, especially those on the southside, will really benefit from the citizen board and he strongly encourages people to sign the petition.

If the 15,000 signature requirement is not met in two weeks, Proctor says he will still continue to fight for lower city utility rates.

Petition signees must be registered voters in the state of Florida with a residential address within the Tallahassee city limits.