Check Those Termite Protection Contracts

We're now catching the tail end of termite swarm season, but officials with the Florida Department of Agriculture say a more aggressive species of termite could be headed our way and area residents may not be prepared.

Department of Ag officials urge the public not to panic. They ask you to check your pest control contracts and mare sure all species of termites are covered. Neighbors George Floersch and Marshall McCraw have lived in Tallahassee for years and have there termite control techniques down pat.

Floersch said, "It's a little plastic tube and it has some bait in there, and they go to the tube before they go to the house, and you put them in strategic spots all around the house."

McCraw said, “I got rid of all the pine trees, which are prone to bringing termites in here. They're out of my yard, and we don't have those anymore."

However, in the wake of a new outbreak of aggressive Formosan termites in Jacksonville and Cape Coral, Department of Agriculture officials warn that area residents need to protect themselves in case the Formosans move north.

Keep mulch away from the house, repair any water leaks and keep siding materials at least six to eight inches above ground level.