Property Values on the Rise in Franklin County

Franklin County property values have climbed nearly 24 percent in one year.

It's true that Franklin County is no longer a secret. Many vacationers are finding second homes there, but what's most impressive is the latest estimate of taxable property values which have skyrocketed past the $2 billion mark!

Rhonda Skipper, chief deputy property appraiser, said, “I guess as long as the market is there, I guess our growth is endless at this point.”

Skipper says the majority of the cash flow comes from part time residents which occupy almost 16,000 parcels. Compare that to the full-timers with homestead on some 3,248 homes, then you'll see why some longtime locals are wary of growing pains.

George Jackson, business owner, said, “Growth is something community needs, but don't need to let it get out of control.”

Jackson has greeted customers of all types for 41 years. He says the influx of residents strain resources such as roadways and water supplies, the same resources county officials say the cushy tax base will now help replenish.

Skipper says most of the growth can be attributed to a hike in land values, new subdivisions and the Saint James Golf Course. She says the $2 billion mark is a preliminary figure that does not include homestead properties.