Farmers Check Out Latest in Farming Technology

The very latest in crop harvesting was demonstrated in Moultrie, Georgia Tuesday as farmers went back to basics Tuesday at the Expo Ag field Day.

They were introduced to the newest varieties of crops to grow on their farms and techniques to produce better products.

Darrell Williams, Farm Manager, AG Expo Field, said, "We have a good number of chemical people, seed people, all reps, over 25 companies represented here. It's a good chance for local farmers or anyone who wants to know about farming to come out and find out about new varieties."

Dozens of varieties of peanuts, soybeans and corn were all displayed. The John Deere Company talked to farmers who had problems with harvesting cotton.

John Pace, crop systems specialist for John Deere, said, "We devised a system to be able to use a spindle picker unit which many farmers are familiar with, to spindle this cotton so that's what we are demonstrating here today. What we see in the past this cotton has yielded just as good if not better than standard cotton."

Jerry Landmon, a farmer from Baxley, GA, said, "We're interested in coming back in October and seeing the results of all these tests so that we can get the latest and best things coming down the line, produce more yields to get more for your crop."

Organizers say the Field Day is an educational experience for farmers, teaching them the latest in agricultural development.

About 500 farmers from around the state came out Tuesday. Most say they'll be back in October for the Sunbelt Ag Expo to see the latest in farming equipment.