Transition Training

Studies show some students have a tough time making the transition from middle to high school, with their grades paying the price.

To counter that, TCC is using grant money to fund a program aimed at making sure future ninth graders stay on track.

Almost 70 soon-to-be freshmen are taking a time out from summer to focus on their future. A grant has given Tallahassee Community College the ability to hold a summer bridge program to help Gadsden County students make the transition to high school.

Craig Fletcher of the TCC Pre-Collegiate Program says, “The literature shows students going from middle to high school can drop off in their academic performance.”

For two weeks these future East Gadsden High School students will endure intense class work in the areas of reading, English and math. Students say they made the choice to hit the books, and that's the other key element.

“It’s a college environment. They're taught by college professors and we really immerse them in it and get them thinking towards post secondary education.”

TCC will continue working with these students throughout the school year to check up on their progress.