Burn Camp

About a dozen children and two dozen firefighters have hit the road Monday on their way to a life changing camp, a place where burn victims heal from the inside out.

Her bags are packed; she's on her way. Angie Schmitt looks forward to this day every summer when she says good bye Tallahassee and hello Camp Amigo, a veteran who's come a long way since her trials as a baby when the youngster survived a grueling fire.

Angie says, “Gas and air went together and my washer blew up and the whole house caught fire.”

It's one of the many stories heard by this crew, all burn victims ready to escape to the beach where they make friendships, play in the sun and most importantly, heal old wounds.

Heather Fitzgerald, a camp counselor, says, “It's great to see kids go there, come out of their shells, they have no inhibitions.”

No inhibitions and no worries are the reason Tallahassee firefighters helped create Camp Amigo, a healing place for the kids and firefighters alike.

Camp Amigo takes place on Cape San Blas. It's a weeklong vacation welcome to all burn victims across the Big Bend.