Advance Voters Head to Polls

Georgia's registered voters can now cast their votes for the July 20 primaries. Advance voting began Monday and folks have already been turning out in numbers.

Through advance voting folks cast their ballots early just like absentee voting, but without having to give a reason why, and voters say that's enough for them to get out and beat the rush.

A steady flow of Thomas County voters kept officials busy Monday morning. By 10:00 a.m. nearly a dozen voters had already made their choices.

Lisa Greene, Chief Deputy Registrar in Thomas County, says, "We are a little surprised at the response we're getting this early Monday morning the first day of advanced voting because we didn't get this response in the presidential preference."

Voters get to choose which Republicans and Democrats will face off in the general elections in November. Candidates for Chief Magistrate and a seat in the U.S. Senate are among the choices.

Voter Chris Cooper says that's not the only reason he came out early.

Chris says, "We are supporting a couple of candidates here locally and we just didn't want to wait in the line like you normally have to do July 20th."

Last year for advance voting folks only had the option of using paper ballots. They say the new touch screen voting machines this year makes it a lot easier to cast their votes.

Lisa adds, "It's a lot more convenient, especially for the disabled people. They can come here we have a special booth over here for handicapped people. They can sit down and vote."

Greene says there have been no problems so far and by Friday she expects hundreds to have gotten a head start at the polls. Friday is the last day to vote before the July 20 primaries. Be sure to bring a form of ID to the polls.

In Thomas County folks can go to the Elijah Hill complex from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In surrounding counties you can call your county voter registrar's office for times and location.