Low-Carb Diets Make Peanuts Popular and Farmers Profitable

As you can imagine the large increase in peanut consumption in addition to an expected high return means increased revenue opportunities for local farmers.

Peanuts are full of protein, but not the carbohydrates many folks are avoiding these days and as the nation's largest peanut producer, this means good news for Georgia farmers.

Larry Cunningham, a peanut pricing expert, said, "About right now it's a strong market. The peanut consumption is up nearly 10 percent. The shift in diet with less concern about fat and more concern about carbs make peanuts a very good fit."

Low-carb diets, problems with the crop in other countries and an increase in the amount of peanuts used in candy bars all spell success for local farmers.

Peanut experts say that because of the increase in demand for the peanut crop that when this warehouse is filled within the next 90 days there's going to be a lot of smiling peanut farmers thanks to the low-carb diets.

Cunningham said, “The increase in consumption which again is partially due in no small amount to the low-carb diet and couple with that a decrease in the price of peanuts to the manufacturer is an increased opportunity for farmers to sell their peanuts at a profitable level."

Farmers say right now the crop looks even better than last year's and they're optimistic of a successful harvest.

Peanut experts say even though the price of peanuts is down, the large increase in consumption still means significant revenues for the farmers.

Farmers say even with demand so high right now they're not worried about a peanut shortage thanks to the new free market system for the peanut crop which means anyone can grow and harvest peanuts.