New Construction

In the wake of a slowly improving economy, Grady County is taking its growth a step further with an onslaught of new construction.

Area developers have big plans for Grady County. Many existing businesses are expanding and new ones will be coming in all in the next two months.

Rick McCaskill, Executive Director for the Grady County Chamber, says, "It will create more jobs. All of these retail stores are expanding and that means jobs, and that's always good!"

Among the expanding stores are Badcock Furniture, Stone's Home Center and Wal-Mart in Cairo. Southwest Georgia Technical College and Higdon Furniture are building brand new branches just outside Cairo city limits.

Residents of Grady County hope the new businesses will boost the economy here and bring back the shoppers that have been spending their money in Thomas County.

"We don't think it would be a threat to Thomasville and Tallahassee, but it'll be a boost to us to have these new facilities in town."

Merchants in Thomasville say they're not worried about losing customers. In fact, they feel their business might even get better.

Al Stone, owner of Thomas Drug Store, says, "People go from Thomasville to Cairo to shop just as people go from Cairo to Thomasville to shop as they go to Valdosta, Albany, Tallahassee."

Developers call Grady County's growth a team effort and an economic boom not only for their county, but for south Georgia. Another new addition to Grady County will soon be going up on 319 in Beachton, a public roller hockey rink, the first of its kind in the area.