Emergency Phones at VSU

For students at one local university help is now only a phone call away. Valdosta State University is promoting safety through new and improved emergency phones.

They're big, they're neon yellow and they spell relief for many students who walk through campus alone.

Dipsy Gandhi, a VSU sophomore, says, "I go to the library late at night so I feel safe now that if anything does happen I have access to it now. If anything happens I have access to it instead of walking around kind of looking making sure there is no one actually following me, so I do feel better about it."

Safety officials say the new emergency phones are much more visible to students on campus and as you can see from these old emergency phones they are much smaller, much more difficult to see and many students say they didn't even realize they were on campus.

Dennis Nealon, VSU Crime Prevention Officer, says, "I think it’s important that the students know we are here for them and that the university is installing new phones and other cameras for their protection."

Each phone offers one-button call access to campus police and a speaker phone for quick and effective communication. Safety officials say the phones will be used for both emergency notification and information access.

The first of 15 of these new emergency phones has been installed between Ashley and Converse Halls. Safety officials hope to have all the phones up and running within the next couple of months.