Habitat Land

Habitat for Humanity has helped build more than 100 homes in Leon County. Soon it will add five more families to its already impressive list, but this time Habitat is getting a little extra help

Hibiscus Avenue close to Capital Circle Southwest will soon be home to five more families thanks to a land donation from the Leon County Commission.

Joe Sharp with the Leon County Housing Authority says, "They decided to deed this land to Habitat for low income housing."

Randall Webster with Habitat for Humanity adds, "It's a very exciting thing. About a year ago Habitat expanded its boundaries to include all of Tallahassee."

Even though the land is being donated, the homes aren't free.

"This is a hand-up, not a handout. The family purchases the home and helps build it, puts a down a down payment, they go to a class and pay a mortgage," says Randall.

Leon County says these parcels are prime locations.

"The area is developed with street lights and sidewalks, so there is no development costs," says Joe.

Leon County says it’s proud to help more families take that important step toward their American dreams. The title for the land is in the process of being transferred from the county to Habitat right now. Once that's done and deserving families are found, construction will begin.