Fatal Fall at Kleman Plaza

A 24-year-old man fell to his death early Tuesday morning.

Tallahassee police say Brian McGregor tried to ride down the banister of the stairwell in Kleman Plaza. After interviewing witnesses, authorities believe alcohol was involved.

It must have been a horrifying sight for bystanders at Kleman Plaza. Around 2 a.m. police say a young man who eyewitnesses recall seeing at a nearby drinking establishment made a bad decision.

According to police, eyewitnesses say Brian McGregor was at the top of the stairwell and mounted the railing in an attempt to slide down, but instead police say the 24-year-old missed the railing and fell 52 feet, landing at the bottom of the spiral stairwell.

LT Mark Wheeler said, “They tried to do first aid on him, but when EMS got there he was pronounced dead at the scene.”

With alcohol believed to be a factor, police and researchers say this is an example of how dangerous drinking can be.

FSU psychology professor Alan Lang's expertise involves the impact alcohol has on reasoning. He says with the studies he's done he's not surprised by the young man's fatal mistake.

Dr. Alan Lang says, “They're not attending to what may happen if they make a mistake. They may appear invincible, but it's just that they are not paying attention to what the long-term consequences are.”

Brian McGregor was not an FSU student, but Dr. Lang and police say this is a severe reminder to returning college students. A recent study showed there are 1,400 alcohol related deaths among college students every year.