Teen Volunteers

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Area businesses are getting a boost from an unlikely source: high school students. Teens are taking the time to volunteer in the community and it's making a world of difference..

Instead of sitting around this summer, some students like Faith Floyd are volunteering to get a head start on her future career.

Faith says, "I wouldn't trade a minute for everything that I have done here with my residents and with my past residents that I have had and I hope that I can continue my career with geriatrics and Alzheimer's patients."

For Faith her love of volunteering has led to a full-time career, but for students like Matt Cowell, volunteering helps him get a better chance of earning a scholarship.

Matt says, "I am in the process of trying to get a scholarship at Rickards and so I came here to get my 75 community service hours."

While giving back to the community keeps them busy over the summer, it also lends a helping hand to area businesses.

Pat Simmons, assistant director of the Leon County Animal Shelter, says, "Without volunteers we couldn't function here. We have anywhere between three and 600 animals that live here at the Animal Shelter on any given day."

And these teens also make a difference in the lives of other people.

Faith adds, "If people knew how much it means to them and how much it would mean to you later on I think there would be more people doing it."

Not only are these teens changing lives, but they're also gaining an important key to unlock their future. Teens who are looking to volunteer this summer should contact area businesses or non-profit organizations.