Helping Fight Hunger

Local food banks are struggling to get through the summer with enough food to feed the needy because with so many children out of school the demand is actually higher now than at any other time.

Many kids spend the summer playing games or watching TV, but one Valdosta boy is setting an example on how easy it can be to wipe out hunger in south Georgia.

Matthew McCrary and his family are used to volunteering their time at the Valdosta Food Bank. It’s from this kind of experience that Matthew and a friend came up with, an idea that's helping feed hundreds of hungry kids.

Matthew says, "Me and my friend Billy came up with the idea. Fifty cents of very bag of blueberries went to Second Harvest. We ended up with $20 and we gave it away and it helped feed 680 meals to kids."

Matthew remains humble about how many lives he's touched with his selfless generosity, but Food Bank officials are quick to point to Matthew as an example of how easy it is to help others, especially during the summer when more children need food at home.

Jennifer Glisson of the Valdosta Food Bank says, "He's an awesome example. They thought of this on their own. They weren't in it for the PR; they weren't in it for what it could do for their family, they were in it so they could actually help out and the way it has spun out into the community shows what one child can do."

Besides serving as an inspiration to an entire community, Matthew says helping others has been a really cool experience that he wants to do again and again.

"It’s pretty fun, actually, and it makes me feel good to know that I am actually helping out a lot of kids," he says.

Matthew and his friend Billy raised just $20, but with the Food Bank's buying power it turned into meals for more than 600 kids.

Folks follow Matthew's lead by donating a little food or money, and it can really go a long way in ending hunger.