Facelift for Wakulla County Attractions

Some hot attractions in Wakulla County are getting a makeover. The county's largest park and a popular beach are going under the knife for some much needed improvements.

If you build it, they will come, but in Wakulla County's case they've already come and the park isn't complete; its facilities are outdated, its ball fields run down, and if you like to play basketball you'd better duck, flying baseballs pack a mean punch!

It's both a safety and quality of life issue, one the state is paying attention to as it awards the rural county with grant money to clean up.

Pam Portwood, Grants Coordinator, says, “We got two of those, one for $200,000 of improvements at Medart Recreation Park.”

The other $200,000 will be spent at Shell Point Beach Park, a place where many locals lounge and visitors come to play.

Dorothy Stephens, a beachgoer, says, “I like it, but it needs cleaning up.”

That's precisely what the county plans to do by adding a multi-purpose pavilion, swimming buoys, a playground and even a volleyball court.

By making these improvements at the beach and the ball park, county officials hope to draw more visitors while accommodating the regulars who love their great outdoors. Both grants came from the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program. County officials say work will begin immediately on the Medart Park and Shell Point Beach.