Body of Murdered Homeless Woman Found in Downtown Tallahassee

Deputies are still trying to track down a man accused of killing his girlfriend Monday. Tuesday, police were called to the scene of yet another murder near the busy intersection of Duval and West Tennessee.

Her body was found in the shrubbery behind an old green Honda in the parking lot at Cottman's Transmission. An employee arriving for work discovered her just before 8 a.m.

Stewart Clendinen, Tallahassee Police Spokesman, says, "We don't know the cause of death yet. We're going to wait on the autopsy that will be done in the next 24 to 48 hours.”

When asked, “Do you have any indication of how long she'd been there before she was found?” Clendinen replies, “No, we really don't. We can only surmise since the business was closed yesterday but we have no way of knowing."

The murder victim was an elderly woman, 75-year-old Delia McMillen, who police say was homeless. Right now they are not mentioning motives and have no suspects.

It has been a deadly summer in Tallahassee; this is the ninth murder this year, the sixth murder this summer and the second murder in just two days.

On Monday deputies were called to a home on Pond Cypress Court as a son discovered his mother dead in her room. She's now been identified as 46-year-old Doris Losey. Autopsy results reveal she was strangled and murder warrants have just been issued for her live in boyfriend, 44-year-old Mario Pestonit.

Linda Butler, LCSO Spokeswoman, says, "There was evidence on scene that leads us to believe that the suspect has injured himself. We still believe he took her car and headed out of the Tallahassee area. We have put out a nationwide bulletin and checked with hospitals trying to locate him."

If you have information on the whereabouts of Mario Pestonit, call the Sheriff's Department, or if you have any information about Monday's murder of Delia McMillen call Tallahassee Police.