College Students Feel Apathy for Presidential Elections

College students have heard it time and time again: they are our future. Yet a nationwide survey indicates few have interest in voting, finding only 19 percent of American college students believe politics is relevant to their lives.

FAMU sophomore Demetruis Raymond says he's not surprised, especially in Florida after the presidential elections debacle in 2000.

The same study shows only 35 percent of college students feel presidential voting will create a lot of change. That's a 12 percent drop since March 2001.

Spokesperson for the Republican Party of Florida, Joseph Agostini, says when it comes to young constituents, party differences need to be set aside.

A spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Florida says apathy among college students has traditionally been a problem, but they say outreach efforts such as statewide tours to college campuses have been successful in getting thousands of students to register to vote.