Hottest Dog in the Park

You may not know it, but Wednesday is National Hot Dog Day, and folks in the Azalea City celebrated this day with their favorite companions.

Ace is confident he and his buddy Luke can win best dressed, but after checking out the competition, Luke isn't as sure. From football fans to bumblebees to volleyball stars, Valdosta's finest canines came ready to strut their stuff, and let's not forget about the hot dog.

Kelli Trujillo, fundraising chair, says, "We don't see this kind of event very often. This is kind of once a year and I think we need to get out there more and more cause I think people love this. I love showing off my dog and seeing who has the best and cutest and all that."

Dog lovers say Wednesday’s event is the perfect opportunity to show off their furry friends as well as benefit a great organization because all proceeds go to the local Humane Society. Here in this dog-friendly community many folks feel this kind of event is healthy for everyone.

Angel Jones, a dog owner, says, "Puppies and dogs are just great for people. They're great companions, they are just good, they work with people who are stressed out. They help with that. They're wonderful to play with. They're just great to have around."

Many dog lovers say they would even like to see a dog park for their pets. Winning dogs received doggie treats and toys, and in honor of Hot Dog Day, hot dogs were served to all owners as well as their furry companions.