Qualifying Ends for Leon County\Tallahassee Candidates

When you don't have any opposition, it ends the day you qualify because the race is then closed to anyone else getting in to run against you. Friday at 12:01 there were some happy candidates.

For some that means their campaigns are over. For others it means things are just heating up.

Bert Hartsfield, re-elected Leon County property appraiser, says, "We're fortunate that we were able to dodge the bullet so to speak, that we didn't have any opposition."

Now that qualifying is over, seven races have been decided. Larry Campbell, Bob Inzer, Bert Hartsfield, Blaz Gomez, Mark Mustian, Jane Sauls and Ion Sancho are all incumbents and will hang onto their seats.

The elections office says this automatically elected scenario is not out of the ordinary and these seven candidates have "put up".

Janet Olin, Leon County Assistant Supervisor of Elections, says, "Really not. The week of qualifying is what we call put up or shut up week."

August 31 there will be nine local races on the ballot for superintendent of schools, tax collector, two county commission seats, two school board seats, two Ochlocknee River supervisor seats and one city commission seat.

Sheriff Larry Campbell with the Leon County Sheriff's Department says, "I'm glad people like what we're doing and continue to like it, because I need the work."

All week long candidates have been watching the list to see who qualified and to see if anyone withdrew and to see if there were any surprise entries into the races.

Leon County Commissioner Jane Sauls and supervisor of elections Ion Sancho, their opponents withdrew, therefore giving them the wins, and in a city commission seat race two people qualified this week to oppose Andrew Gillum.