Meet Gadsden County Sheriff Candidates

No less than five candidates are now seeking the post. Come November, Gadsden County's top cop will be turning in his badge indefinitely.

W.A. Woodham, who's been sheriff for 34 years, has decided not to seek re-election. Now, five Gadsden County residents are tossing their hats in the ring for sheriff, each touting skills they say they have to do the job.

Ed Spooner, Gadsden County Sheriff candidate, says, "The key is to manage a $5 million budget and be able to manage a jail that houses 200 people run an agency with 120 people. Those are the things I've done."

Robert Barkley, candidate for Gadsden County Sheriff, adds, "I feel like with my expertise, my proven ability and the care I have, it would lift me above the rest of the candidates."

While some candidates spoke about their qualifications, others were concerned about the crime in Gadsden County.

Rodney Moore, Gadsden County Sheriff candidate, says, “Eight unsolved murders in a community alone. I’m going to keep harping on that. Eight young men dead and no one seems to care as far as the Sheriff's Department is concerned."

Kenneth Morgan Markham, Gadsden County Sheriff candidate, says, "I think we need to see some increase in patrol at nights. It is not quite as accurate as it needs to be some of the areas in the county need to patrol because different crimes that occur in the areas."

Morris young, running for Gadsden County Sheriff, adds, "We're having major problems out of our youth and I want them to know that I will bring to the table supporting them and helping them to keep them out of delinquent crimes."

This November voters in Gadsden County will decide which candidate will be the top cop. Woodham is one of three candidates seeking the county commission seat held by the late Bill McGill.