Victims' Advocates Seeking Donations

Loris McCorvey and Maria Folsom are both victim advocates with the Leon County Sheriff's Office. Their job is to serve as First Responders for families dealing with tragedy.

Maria Folsom, a victims' advocate, says, "They're needing somebody in the system who knows what's going on, who knows what to do next."

Maria puts together victim survivor kits containing just a few items like soaps and shampoos, which can make a big difference for, say, a rape survivor.

Maria says, "Somebody who's been a victim of a rape and who wants gather evidence, has to go to the hospital and get a rape kit and in that process, every single item is taken into evidence so they need items there on scene. Before they go, they want to clean up and be refreshed so they can go home and feel better."

Loris takes time putting together "memory boxes" for families dealing with the loss of a child. Whether it be from sudden infant death syndrome or another cause, Loris says most parents are left without keepsakes of their little one.

Loris says, "I didn't have a picture of them, I didn't have a lock of their hair, I didn't have something associated with their smell where they can put it in a box and remember that child.

Both Loris and Maria say anyone who would like to help in their efforts is welcome to pitch in.

Loris says, "The families really appreciate it, and it just gives them another link to their closure."

If you would like to make a donation to the victim advocates, you may do so at the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 2825 Municipal Way.