Suspect in Tallahassee Murder Caught in Arizona

A trooper cuffed accused killer Mario Pestonit early Wednesday morning in Arizona.

Forty-six-year-old Doris Losey was found strangled to death in her home on Monday. Some 36 hours later, more than 2,000 miles away, her boyfriend, Mario Pestonit, was found sleeping in his girlfriend's car on the side of Interstate 15 near the Arizona-Nevada border.

LT Linda Butler, LCSO Spokeswoman, says, "Mario sat up inside the car, started it and took off. A pursuit followed and he pulled over suddenly got out and charged the trooper. At that point the trooper drew his weapon, told him to freeze and put his hands up and he did and he was taken into custody."

Detectives revealed Wednesday that Pestonit left a note in Doris Losey's bedroom apologizing for killing her. A spokeswoman says Pestonit also told a friend that he had tried to kill himself afterward, but it didn't work.

Ed Houston, a neighbor, says, "I just always thought he was a little suspicious if you ask me"

Neighbors in cypress cove have been reeling since police converged on the block Monday. They're breathing a little easier now.

Ed adds, "I'm just glad he is caught. Like I said, I was surprised I got as far as he did but I'm glad he's caught. It was a tragedy and I never expected it to happen in this neighborhood."

We spoke with the victim's son Wednesday. He says while he's glad Pestonit has been caught, it doesn't make him feel much better.

Pestonit will eventually be brought back to Tallahassee to face the murder charges against him.