Former City Commissioner Found Guilty

One of the jurors told the judge that she did not understand what was going on in the case, and the judge asked her to step down.The juror asked to leave appeared emotional about her disclosure and with only five jurors, Russ received his judgment.

The jury in the Glendell Russ trial heard closing arguments Wednesday from both sides. After about an hour of deliberation the jury came back into the courtroom, with one needing to be excused.

Armando Garcia, defense attorney for Russ, says, "I've never experienced a jury, feeling like she didn't know enough about what was going on."

The jury was once six members, plus a seventh alternate. Since it's procedure to excuse the alternate before deliberation only six went back to the jury room. One of them is now gone.

Usually, the alternate juror would have been called back in this case, but the alternate has recently been exposed to news reports, which would prejudice his vote

Armando adds, "The defense has agreed to allow. I've never seen it happen before."

Speaking only in general about the case, Russ spoke with us on camera saying it's been an emotional three days.

Glendell Russ, former Quincy city commissioner, says, "Yes, you know it's been tiresome. In the long run we will be vindicated."

Russ was found guilty on only one of his four charges, which is of false swearing. He has been sentenced to one-year probation, and if he violates that probation he faces one year behind bars.