Campaign Sign Warning for Former Candidates

To the loser in Tuesday's Georgia primary goes the task of taking down the campaign signs. If they don't, they could face fines.

The political futures of many candidates around Georgia has cleared, thanks to Tuesday's primary election, but for many of those candidates, it’s now time to clean up the many campaign signs that have dotted area roadways.

Carmella Carter, Valdosta Code Enforcement, says, "There is a time limit by which they can be displayed. The ordinance says 60 days prior to the election the signs can be put up and they must be removed seven days after the election."

Because Tuesday's election was a primary election, those candidates still in the running can legally leave their signs by the roads, but local officials say those candidates, which have already been eliminated, need to make sure their signs are removed or disposed of properly.

Carter adds, "Worst case scenario, as that the candidates can be taken to municipal court and charged in violation of the sign ordinance. We try and stay away from that, although we have to do what we're hired to do, and that is enforce the zoning ordinance."

The large, general election is just around the corner, making it even more important that unnecessary signs be removed to make way for the upcoming onslaught of new signs for candidates ranging from the president to local county commissioners.

Zoning officials want to remind everyone that it's illegal to place signs on road right of ways. The only acceptable areas are on private property.