Leon County Landfill Environmental Testing

For years, the Leon County landfill has been a health concern for those who live near it. In response to those fears, the commission requested an outside firm to do some tests to find out more.

Edgar Grant, Director of Operations for Public Works, says, "It was an air quality study for the landfill site. The reason for the test was to assure ourselves that the operation out there is going in accordance with our plans and that there's no harm to the environment and our neighbors."

The consulting firm, PBS&J through its testing and research gives the landfill a "clean bill" for health.

Edgar adds, "The results were nil, meaning there are no concentrations of contaminants in the air around and in the landfill, especially in particular areas. "

But not everyone is completely satisfied.

Mona Lisa Abbott, who lives near the landfill, says,” I’m really happy to know that the people who work here for eight hours are safe. Its unfortunate they didn't do the study for us who live out here 24-7 but it looks like a good report. The test doesn't go over wind speed and direction. What if it’s coming our way? We don't know what effect it’s going to have on us."

The county is pleased with the current report and says it will do everything necessary to maintain the results.

The tests were done in late may, when the weather was very dry. PBS&J says the dry conditions means it would be even more likely contaminants could be found and since none were found, it makes the results even more encouraging.