Georgia Republicans Send Anti-Health Care Message

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The state Senate passed legislation that would give Georgians the freedom to accept or reject government-run health care.

This comes a day after an amendment to place a measure on the November ballot giving Georgians the option of keeping their health care the way it is now, was rejected by Democrats.

"Give choices back to the people instead of the government," said Margo Rounds, from Valdosta, who vehemently opposes the measure. "The government is much too big and much too controlling as it is. And they're not even doing well on their own."

"I'm against Georgians having the option to opt out," said Dennis Marks, the 1st congressional district chair for the Democratic Party of Georgia. "Because I think we're one nation and we should have one set of laws so that if I get sick in one state, that I'm covered by the same rules and regulations that I'm covered by in Georgia and vice-versa."

The legislation, known as Senate Bill 317, now moves to the state House for consideration.

But even if it passes the General Assembly, a federal law that could potentially enforce a nationwide health care system would trump it.

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