Presidential Race

Florida holds 27 electoral votes and both John Kerry and President George Bush are well aware of the importance of winning across the state.

You've heard their claims, you've seen their commercials and you may have even met them in person. That's because Florida is on the minds of these presidential hopefuls. Not just because of its large electoral votes, but also because of its amount of swing voters.

Melanie Crawford, an undecided voter, says she would like them to talk about issues. While those on the fence are the target for recent campaign stops in the Sunshine State, others are sticking with party lines saying the alternative isn't much of a bargain.

Bob Pennington, a resident of Tallahassee, said, "I would rather vote Democrat."

George Leon, another local resident, said, "He's had a tough presidency, but he did a good job and I'm Republican."

And then there are those who are even crossing party lines saying their fed up with the lies coming from the Bush administration.

Wayne Bass, a Florida voter, said, "I won't vote on George Bush. He lies to us about the war."

Still, candidates know time is of the essence and with Florida holding 27 electoral votes you can bet you'll see more ads and even more visits in the months to come. The latest polls out last week show the Kerry-Edwards ticket and the Bush-Cheney ticket in a neck and neck race throughout Florida, and although many Democrats fear the Nadar-Camejo ticket could spoil the election, poll results suggest otherwise.