School Tax Break

Next week shoppers will be cashing in on the bargains. The kids may not be ready, but the stores are.

Shelves are lined in bright primary colors with the latest pals like Dora, Barbie or Sponge Bob, and parents are ready too.

Buck Little, a Thomasville Parent, said, "We don't want to wait until the last minute to buy so we're gonna go ahead and buy today."

But for others waiting is worth it. Starting this Saturday shoppers will have nine days to spend like crazy and thumb their noses at state and local sales tax. Of course, the stores are looking to transform you from a bargain shopper into a back to school guru.

This is the first year that books are included on the tax free list. There are some rules though, the break does not apply to clothing or books costing more than $50, and the school supplies have to be less than $10.

Managers are telling us that after waiting for two years, they expect customers to take advantage of this break like never before. The sale begins July 24 and ends August 1.