Troops Scrapbook

The idea is catching on in Tallahassee where dozens are lining up to show support of those serving our country. While hundreds of U.S. troops continue their service in foreign countries, back at home familiar faces are striking a pose, anxious to bring a smile to those fighting for their country.

Michelle and David Mosley are sending pictures to troops and said, "We're here to take pictures so we can see what precious life we have had."

Little David and several other precious little one's are shining their biggest smiles this week. It's called Project Thank the Troops. The idea is to comprise enough pictures to fill the scrapbook then come Thanksgiving, it will be shipped overseas.

Sheila McMillon, an assistant Manager at Sears Portrait Studio, said "It's during the holidays letting them know we're still back here thinking about you."

The process is simple. Just stop by your nearest Sears Portrait Studio, strike a pose, then say cheese. You'll receive four free portraits; one is placed in the scrapbook and the others you get to keep, a memory that takes just minutes to make but lasts a lifetime, and come November those who are fighting to save lives will have a lasting impression of who's waiting for them back home.

The "Thank the Troops" project started Saturday and ends Friday. The grassroots program is free and anyone can participate.