Too Hot for the Animals?

It's the dog days of summer, so what about the dogs and other pets living in the swelter and the local Animal Shelter? There's concern not only about the welfare of the animals waiting to be adopted, but also the comfort and safety of the people working there.

If you've been to the Tallahassee Leon Community Animal Service Center lately, walking through the adoptable dog ward you'll notice it's on the warm side, but that's how it’s supposed to be because this portion of the center isn't air conditioned and there are no plans to change that, as a matter of economics.

Tom Lewis of Neighborhood and Community Services, says, "There's never been air conditioning in that portion of the shelter. That’s the area where we have guillotine doors that open to the outside."

In the fall the city is planning to have a new specialized air conditioning unit for portions of the shelter, one that does more than just heat and cool.

Dr. Meloche adds, "What we're trying to do here is the ventilation system. It's not necessarily the heating or cooling system. We're having a problem with ventilations, which means the air exchange is not enough."

Dr. Meloche is concerned about the ventilation system because there are sick animals there and the staff wants to make sure infections don't spread and the workers are safe.

The new system will be put in the sick and quarantine wards, also in the front where the administrative offices are.