Digital Ticketing

A local police department is hoping to reduce the time they spend writing tickets on the side of the road. Many officers are looking forward to Thursday’s City Council meeting.

No driver wants to look up and see flashing blue lights behind them. What many folks don't know is those citations are as big a headache for the officers as they are for the motorists. That's why the Valdosta Police Department is asking the City Council for a digital ticketing system.

LT Brian Childress, Valdosta Police Spokesperson, says, "It takes then an average of 10 minutes for an officer to clear a traffic stop, but if you have the information from the drivers license you can swipe the card. It then goes in the system and you print it. You're talking about time savings."

Police officers say they know from experience how important new technology is in their line of work.

OFC Tony Hudson with Valdosta Police says, "I believe it's going to improve morale so much and I know it improves our report writing. I don't know what we did without it."

VPD is asking the city to split the cost of the technology by matching the amount the department obtains from grants. As for the council's consideration of this request:

John Fretti, Valdosta Mayor, says, "Whenever we go in front of this council with technology upgrades they just have some questions. They want to know if it will last and if we're ahead of the curve, but their usually very welcoming."

Officers say the new technology will not only save time but also store information that will help catch criminals. Council members will consider the Police Department's request to purchase this system at Thursday night’s meeting.