School Dress Code

With Georgia's tax free holiday coming up next week, many Peach State parents will be shopping for school clothes, but school dress codes mean there are some things to keep in mind on that back-to-school shopping trip.

For parents and students it's no secret what's generally expected by a school's dress code. With that said, Thomas County Central High School officials say the first couple of weeks of school still hands them the most problems with kids breaking the dress code, so here are a couple of reminders for parents while shopping for your kids.

Girls cannot where anything that shows midriff or cleavage, and boys have to wear belts with their shirts tucked in and their pants at or above their waist.

Some parents say following a school’s dress code is harder than it seems. They say the main problem is finding clothes for their children that fit these guidelines.

Ann Lakin, shopping for school, says, "The code is the shorts have to be all the way down to your finger tips, so today we are trying to find some shorts long enough. I don't know if they make them."

Ken Harper, assistant principal at TCCHS, says, "Our dress code has not changed. It's the same they can look at their handbook from last year and see the dress code."

Harper says though there are always kids who challenge the dress code and those who hope to slip between the cracks. School officials will continue to enforce the same rules every year.

Another reminder, school starts on Monday, August 2.