Staff Busy at TMH's New Women's Pavillion

They're all in the neo-natal intensive care unit, a unit which is about to undergo some big changes.

Amanda Fullard caught her breath when doctors told her she was having twins, and she started crying when they said, no wait, triplets. "This is making me the happiest person in the world. This is the best feeling. This is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Franklin, Jazlin and their sister Swann, who's down the hall, are among 30 babies in intensive care.

This fall, a new neo-natal unit will open, and it'll be five times bigger.

"Right now, we're so limited on space that what happens to one baby affects the other baby beside it. In the new building, we'll have a lot of space."

The NICU is part of the new women's pavilion currently under construction. It'll feature private and semi-private rooms, complete with overnight accommodations for parents who don't want to leave their babies alone.

"They'll be in a room with just one other baby. They won't be in a ward like atmosphere so we really think it'll be beneficial for parents and babies so they'll have more privacy."

The new NICU will be ready this October. Hopefully, premies like the Jordan twins will be big enough and strong enough to go home before then.

The new neo-natal unit will have the same number of beds as the current, but has plenty of room to expand. It's scheduled to open October 5.