Innovative Program Improving Reading at Tallahassee Elementary School

In the last four years, the students' FCAT scores have jumped twenty percent.

Direct instruction seems to be the key to achieving academic success for Pineview Elementary students. They are getting that extra attention with the SRA reading mastery plus plan.

In the era of leaving no child behind, there's an increased emphasis on finding the best practices for the classroom. Perhaps Pineview has.

The SRA reading mastery plus is a one on one approach with direct instruction between student and teacher. Before direct instruction was implemented, only 45 percent of its students scored at level three on the reading portion of the FCAT. By 2004 that percentage has soared to 69 percent.

"It's a direct answer teacher ask question there's an answer."

The SRA reading mastery plus plan focuses on five requirements for mastery: Fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and phonemic awareness.

"Thought of expanded, works well at this school."

Pineview Elementary is home to more than 500 students. Every ten lessons, a test is given to show progress. Every 20 lessons, mastery tests are given.