Leon County Celebrating New History Markers

Some old landmarks around the county are getting new attention.

You don't have to be an historian to know that this railroad building in Tallahassee is more than 140 years old, one of the oldest in Florida and oldest still used as a passenger rail station. That's because a new historic marker details its entire history, just as this marker does in the town of Miccosukee.

"I was excited when I heard about it. And I stopped just yesterday afternoon and read it, and I was really impressed with what it said, because I've been in Miccosukee all of my life."

"Their is a lot of history here and a lot of people that go way back with that history. There are a lot of interesting facts and people out here."

Four new historic markers are now on display at different sites throughout Leon County, thanks to a grant from the Florida Department of State.

Franklin and Frances Chaires say it's good to know more about the history of their town, a town named after their family. "There own little town was out here, it used to be called Chaires, Florida. But, of course, things change over the years. Now, we're just on the outskirts of Tallahassee.

Frances says one marker is good, but another wouldn't hurt. "I think there should be more markers in certain places."

Leon County officials plan to pursue additional grants to help highlight other historic treasures. A fourth historic marker is now placed at the old Fort Braden school.