Don't Slap, Flick Mosquitoes Away

A natural reaction may actually be harmful according to a recent study. The New England Journal of Medicine has found slapping mosquitoes into your skin may increase the chance of infection.

Monday we talked with local mosquito experts to see what all the buzz is about, as if these pesky pests aren't enough of a nuisance. Now, researchers say we should avoid slapping mosquitoes to their death, saying a simple flick is much safer.

The New England Journal of Medicine says smashing a mosquito onto your skin may smear the body parts into the bite and possibly cause a serious infection.

To smash or not to smash? That is the question. Will research impact this split second decision? Mosquito experts say it's highly unlikely, saying we should be more concerned about what happens after the bloodsucker bites.

Whit Pennington of Leon County Mosquito Control says, “You have typical raised skin area. It's itchy, people scratch their skin and that can cause disease.”

Pennington says the key is keeping the mosquito off of you in the first place by wearing repellant and staying indoors during dusk and dawn.

Speaking of dawn, Bob Pennington says a little dish soap also does the trick. On a serious note, the study came about after a Pennsylvania woman died in 2002 of a fungal disease believed to have been caused by slapping a mosquito into her skin. However, local experts agree slapping or flicking shouldn't cause a problem either way.