Gearing Up for the Big Sale

Shoppers across the Sunshine State are gearing up for their first sales tax holiday in years. Merchants are doing their part to make sure everything runs smoothly in their stores during the upcoming rush.

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, starting Saturday, some clothes, books and other school items will be exempt from Florida's seven percent sales tax.

Kacci Diehl, manager of Garnet & Gold, says, "All the students are heading in already. We've got new shirts, new backpacks, new everything coming in."

The shopping frenzy does require plenty of preparation. Merchants say new technology in cash registers makes things easier.

Angela Pearson, manager of Burdines, says, "There's a barcode to make it simple so the tax is taken off of those items, and there's another training trend that shows all the items that are included in this event."

Many stores combine the tax holiday with other sales to give customers more bang for their buck.

Julie Money, manager of Express, adds, "We look forward to not only getting the business from Florida, but also Georgia and Alabama."

Store employees say it may be extra work for them and a little bit of a drive for shoppers, but it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Peach State shoppers also have a sales tax holiday headed their way. Georgia's tax-free weekend starts July 29 and goes through August 1.