Salute the Military

It's salute the military week in the Azalea City and one department store is showing its appreciation in a very unique way.

Five-year-old Taylor doesn't really know anyone in the military but is very excited about having her photo included in the "Thank Our Troops" scrapbook.

Photographers at the Sears portrait studio say after only two days folks are already showing their support for the military.

Lisa Watson, studio manager, says, "I think they are going to get the word out to have families come in. We've already had a couple come in that have orders to leave so they went ahead and did group shots. They hope to see them if they are sent to where the book is going to go. They also hope to see their family in there with a message."

Folks in here say it's a fun and creative way to show the military their thanks and support.

Kayla Watson, a scrapbook participant, says, "I think it will make them feel a lot better about coming back and feeling like there is a place for them to come back too. They feel better knowing someone from home is sending them something and they can feel better about being overseas.

The community scrapbooks will be sent to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for thanksgiving.

Lisa Watson adds, "With the personalized notes from people it’s just a big incentive. It's just really something to get excited about and I think it'll show the support of everyone. The troops that can't come home for Thanksgiving, it will be a way to connect with home."

The Thank Our Troops scrapbooks are a nationwide project. You can contact your local Sears portrait studio for more details.