City Officials Concerned With Security at Monticello Watering Hole

The owners of Allen's Bar may lose their license. City leaders have demanded security guards at the violence-prone bar. So far none are on duty.

For some, Allen's Bar in Monticello is a source of entertainment. For others, it's been a source of turmoil. The bar, which is located within walking distance of a police substation, was the site of a brawl last December. Since then city officials have asked the bar's owner to hire security as an added measure, but that hasn't happened.

David Collins, attorney for Allen's Bar owners, says, "He has contacted private security. We've also contacted the city the police chief to allow off duty police officers that we thought would be the best idea to come and be employed. We'd certainly pay what the prevailing rate is, but the chief would not allow the officers to work off duty there."

In fact, the police chief says it's against the law for police officers to work in stand-alone bars.

Chief David Frisby with the Monticello Police Department says, "It's totally improper and unlawful for a police officer to work as bar security for a bar that only sells liquor and that it's sole source of income you wont see that in Tallahassee or anywhere in Florida. Police officers don't work security for bars."

To curtail some of the problems, trespassing and tow away signs are posted to minimize traffic during peak hours. Bar owners are toying with the idea of relocating the club all in an effort to comply with city officials.