Keeping Tallahassee-Leon County Green

Monday evening, officials with the county and the City of Tallahassee unveiled plans for new parks and greenways.

Cindy Messinger says she enjoys bringing her two-year-old son, Colby, to the park.

"I'm always looking forward for a place to come with my son to play, whether it be a playground or somewhere with some green grass to throw a ball, something like that,” Messinger explains.

She says the more recreational spaces, the better.

Recently, officials with the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department have begun massive work on several greenways in the county.

"Greenways are introduced to connect parks with neighborhoods, schools,” says Craig Diamond of the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department.

Diamond says close to 17 greenway projects are in the works, a few of them will provide more space for walking, biking and even horseback riding.

Diamond says the new green ways will also benefit the environment.

“We look at these as buffers against increasing sprawl and urbanization, as well as protect zones for listed species and quality enhancement,” says Diamond.

A spokesperson for the Florida Office of Greenways and Trails says the new green spaces will help to boost eco-tourism.

"People from out of the state can spend time and really experience parts of Florida that they might not think to visit,” adds Robin Turner from the Florida Office of Greenways and Trails.

A tentative completion time span for the greenways is three to 15 years.

Funding for the greenways is made possible through Blueprint 2000, and from state and federal sources.