Baseball Dreams

Dozens of Tallahassee youngsters are looking forward to a trip to Atlanta to see the Braves in action, a trip they could never afford on their own, and that trip was almost cancelled.

It's a kids dream to spend a day at the ballpark watching their favorite players and cheering at the crack of the bat. The children were supposed to see the Braves play next week, but they simply didn't have enough money until a last minute donation Friday.

Thirteen years worth of memories and letters of appreciation is reason enough for John Govans to keep things going. Govans and the City of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation have been taking area kids to Atlanta to watch the Braves play for 13 years now.

John Govans says, "A lot of youngsters really need changes, they need variety, culture. Ties to diversity, ties to sportsmanship and it does provide that."

Kids are chosen from five community centers in Tallahassee. The criteria, kids who either help out around the center or come from low income families.

Joe Thomas of the Walker Ford Community Center says, "Once they go on this particular trip, it makes a big difference because a lot of times they never get a chance to see a professional baseball game."

It also provides plenty of smiling faces and memorable moments.

Dexter Brown adds, "It was great, the games was great, it was good seats. I liked the whole thing.”

And that impact comes right back to the community because kids like Dexter become teen volunteers at the centers.

Thomas says, "We have very good participation from our teen council and from other teens as well as pre-teens come into our program because they know at the end of the summer they're gonna have the opportunity to be a part of this type of program."

The children won't make the game next week but they've rescheduled this year's trip for September 23 when the Braves take on the Florida Marlins.

The man who saved the trip is a Tallahassee broker who went on a trip like this when he was child and he wanted to make sure other kids had a chance to take in a Major League ball game.