A First for Florida's Sales Tax Holiday

Shoppers will get a break on back to school clothes and supplies and for the first time, books are included too.

Book lovers can stock up this week on best sellers or classics. For the first time books are included in Florida’s week-long sales tax holiday.

“Anytime you have a chance to buy more books with the same amount of money it's definitely a good deal, it definitely helps with their education,” comments parent Tracy Moore.

The governor is urging Floridians to take advantage of this opportunity to buy books to read with their children, and some extras to donate.

"It's not easy when you have four that go to school to buy everything all at once,” says mother of four Becky Mendoza.

This mother is already scouting for bargains; all school supplies less than $10 will be tax free for the next week.

“I've got to go for the bargains and sales you know,” Mendoza says.

Clothes are exempt from sales tax for the next week too, as long as each item costs less than $50.

"Get clothes, shoes, a little bit of everything,” explains shopper Wendy Bond.

The sales tax holiday starts Saturday morning, July 24 and ends at Midnight August 1. It's expected to save Florida families nearly $30 million.

In addition to back to school shopping, Floridians can look forward to a gas tax holiday next month. It knocks .08 cents off the price of a gallon of gas beginning August 1.